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3M Window Films We Install

UV Protection

3M™ Residential Window Tinting Films offer energy conservation, privacy, and ultraviolet protection. Home Window Tinting Film will reduce fading and protect your furnishings.

Sun Control

3M™ Commercial Window Tinting Films are the best method to reduce solar heat gain coefficient, provide safety & security, privacy, glare reduction, and energy savings within your building.


3M™ Safety & Security Window Films or Fragment Retention Films provide bomb blast, shatter-resistance, all while protecting people and property from severe weather.


3M™ Fasara™ Decorative Window Films are designed to provide an etched or sand blasted appearance for interior glass partitions or inside window glazing surfaces.

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We are the industry leader specializing in the application of 3M window film products. We are one of a few of specialty companies that are Authorized Prestige 3M window film installers, emphasizing QUALITY in the practice of window film applications. Sunray® Window Films is a Female and Minority Owned Company, certified by the City of Cleveland Equal Opportunity Office and EDGE from the State of Ohio. Recognized as MBE, EDGE, FBE, RSB, & LBE. Sunray® has used techniques that are not used by other window tinting companies in the industry. Our Architectural Window Films have been providing decorative solutions, energy conservation as well as protecting fine art, retail merchandise, carpets, upholstery, and people from damaging UV rays and flying broken glass since 1994. While navigating through our website, you can learn about these great 3M Glazing Surface Film product examples: Decorative Window Film e.g. (frosted window film or privacy window film), Thinsulate™ Low E Climate Control e.g. (insulating window film,), Daylight Redirecting Film e.g. (bending light toward the ceiling) Safety & Security Film e.g. (blast mitigation, windstorm protection, seismic preparedness, safety glazing, & spontaneous glass breakage),  Sunray® has a wide selection of 3M window film ranked with reviews of “Good”, “Better”, “Best” offering you, the customer, the widest choice in the industry to serve your specific needs and budget. Sunray® installs 3M window film on RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, GOVERNMENT buildings and homes throughout  Ohio. Sunray® Window Films is an Authorized 3M Prestige Dealer serving all of Northeast Ohio including Cleveland Ohio, Akron Ohio, & Canton Ohio with installations of large commercial buildings needing window tinting film projects in all 50 states.

3M™ Window Film – USA Dealers – Who Are Clearly Superior

There are thousands of window film dealers in the country, but only a select few have been chosen to be 3M Prestige Window Film Dealers. They were selected because of their ability to offer superior quality work, extensive product knowledge, and their ability to serve their customers to the highest standards. At Sunray®, we not only want to offer the world’s finest commercial & residential window tinting film products, we want to be certain our customers are provided the highest quality service to include remove window tint for homes and businesses. Sunray® only uses window film manufactured by 3M, a $30 billion diversified Technology Company. 3M holds the original residential & commercial window film USA patent and offers over 40 years of the best proven window tinting film performance in all climates and conditions. 3M is the industry leader improving light with window film. As a leader in both adhesive and film technologies, 3M brings together these disciplines to create the finest products available for both residential window tinting and commercial window tinting. The quality of our 3M residential & commercial window films is confirmed by an ISO 9002 certification and the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.